Saturday, February 28, 2015

"International Vibe" my show on East London Radio this one is "Looking for The American Dream" dry run...

My latest radio show on ELR starts off in freezing and then heads out to also-freezing via flight cancellations - but eventually I get to the fantastic where I meet up with Andrzej Liguz to do a pre-run for - here we chew the fat on what The American Dream means as we drive the beautiful  with the most stunning scenery.... Please do have a listen and re-tweet, facebook etc...thanks x International Vibe - with American classics on the Road...

Monday, February 09, 2015

Beach Life "wakey wakey"

My weekly show "International Vibe" on ELR - this week is the Funk Show with Tanya Franks

East London Radio - International Vibe : Funk Show with Tanya Franks & more

1 Max Stone - Lavender

He's playing live feb 16 at @ The Stillery 18 Kentish Town Road NW19NX on stage 8pm. Art 19 Management (Jesse Jay etc)

2 James Brown - Get down

3 Basement Jaxx - Romeo Happy Valentines soon!!!

4 God Made Me Phunky - MD X Press Feat Mike Dunn

5 Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars off the hook video!

6 Ed Sheeran - Sing (its super funky too featuring Pharrell Williams and funny )

7 Estelle n Kanye West - American boyyyy

8 Andre 2000 - Hey Ya - ha ha in London

9 National ORchestra of Armenia (!) pefrorms Astor Piazzolla 's incredible Libertango

Boko Haram Calls Parts Of Nigeria “The Islamic State” -


What happens when West intervenes in Libya and the impact plays out across Africa...

SPIKED : Free Speech Now!


The London Legal Salon: Abortion and the Law

The London Legal Salon: Abortion and the Law: The London Legal Salon will be kicking off 2015 with a series of debates on Abortion and the Law, in association with the King’s College Lo...

Institute of Ideas | Events | The Academy 2015

Institute of Ideas | Events | The Academy 2015

An intellectual adventure

Inspiring & Challenging... 3 days in the country come along!! 

Max Stone - Lavender | ILLACOUSTIC -

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Hashtag Feminism: radical or banal?

Feeding the world: can we engineer away hunger?

BBC London NEWS Roundup for the Week

On BBC London with Yasmeen Khan to discuss the following News Items -

On BBC London with Yasmeen Khan to discuss the following News Items -

1 The Western Press is Now the PR wing of the Islamic State Spiked

2 Eve Standard London Clubbers to be breathalysed

(Even Slcater St Stalls TEN daytime til 6pm etc) -

3 The Times Sat Whats Wrong with heated debate, you ninnies?

(and the Report that they site in it)

Gagging for It - Rape not allowed if Drunk? Mirror

Special on Ukraine :

4 - Guardian Timothy Garton Ash Guns needed

5 Mary Dejevsky in the Independent - dont look it at like another COld War

Broader context in Foreign Affairs by John Mearsheimer

Prof'r Poli'l science, Chicago Uni

A 4 way call seems to be planned with Putin and leader of Ukraine

but many same old ideas prevail:

WSJ on USA views, supplying weapons to Ukraine etc